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A place for pets & their people!

Front window of Urban Pet store in Petrolia, Ontario


We’re delighted to welcome you to The Urban Pet, your new favourite destination for all things pet-related! Opening our doors in 2023 in the charming heart of Petrolia, Ontario, we proudly cater to the entire Sarnia-Lambton and surrounding areas. As a small, family-owned operation, our mission is to provide premium pet food, treats, care supplies, and everyday essentials to fulfill the diverse needs of your beloved pets.

The Urban Pet is much more than a business to us; it’s a lifelong dream realized. As avid animal lovers, we’ve welcomed an array of pets into our family over the years – from dogs and cats to fish, rats, degus, and birds. This passion for animals has now blossomed into The Urban Pet, where we aim to share our love and knowledge with you.

Our store is a treasure trove for pet owners, offering a wide range of supplies for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, amphibians, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, large birds, and the list goes on. While our shelves are well-stocked with an array of treats, toys, and supplies, our dedication to you and your pets extends beyond what is visible in-store. If you’re looking for something specific that you can’t find on our shelves, don’t hesitate to ask! We specialize in sourcing live animals and unique pet supplies, customizing our services to meet your individual pet needs – we’d love to add your special request to our growing list.

What We Offer

Our cozy shop is a world of wonders for pet lovers, offering a variety of products and services for pets of all kinds.

Dog toys, treats, leashes and collars

Dog Delights

Find everything your canine companion needs, from a wide selection of nutritious dry, wet, or raw food options to an array of delicious treats and a variety of exciting toys, all designed to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Canadian Naturals
  • Smack
  • Nutri Source
  • Canada Fresh
  • K9 Choice Raw
  • Bold by Nature Raw
  • Livstrong
  • Dog Bites
  • Yummy Combs
  • Tuffy
  • RuffDawg
  • Zuke’s

Cat Corner

A purr-fect selection of cat supplies, ensuring comfort and joy for your feline friends through offering a variety of canned and dry food, tasty treats, and playful toys.

  • Canadian Naturals
  • Nutri Source
  • Wellness
  • Mad Cat
  • KONG
  • Greenies
Multiple brands of Cat food in bags
Multiple fish tanks stocked with a variety of pet fish.

Aquatic Adventures

Dive into our fish room, showcasing live fish for sale, a variety of food options, and a comprehensive range of aquatic tank and filtering supplies.

  • Fluval
  • Aqua Clear

Reptile Realm

Explore our dedicated area for reptiles and amphibians, offering everything from aquarium products to habitat essentials for your scaly pals. Thinking of welcoming a reptilian companion into your family? Visit us to see the live reptiles and amphibians currently available in our store. If you have a specific type in mind or certain preferences, let us know. We’ll go the extra mile to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and home.

  • Exo Terra
  • Repashy
  • Pangea
  • Zoo Med
  • Flukers
Reptile tanks with frogs and lizards
Small Animal Food and Supplies

Small Animal Haven

Discover everything you need for your furry little friends, from cozy cages and vital cage supplies to a variety of nutritious food and tempting treat options. Thinking about adding a small pet to your family? Visit us in-store to see the delightful animals we have available. And if you have a specific furry friend in mind, let us know – we’re committed to helping you find the perfect pet to bring joy into your home.

  • Oxbow
  • Sunseed
  • Versele-Laga

Large Bird Bazaar

Catering to the needs of large birds such as parrots and macaws, our selection of specialized food, vitamins, and supplements ensures your feathered friends will stay healthy and strong for many years to come.

  • Versele-Laga
  • The Missing Link
  • Roudybush
Bird food

Meet Senõr!

We are pleased to introduce Senõr, our beloved in-store scaly friend.

Senõr is a charming Yellow Geyri Uromastyx. He is approximately 1.5 years old and originates from the northern regions of Africa. As a herbivore, Senõr has a hearty appetite for greens, but his absolute favourite treats are dry lentils – he devours them with the same enthusiasm someone might have for potato chips! His enclosure, a warm and dry haven, is his kingdom. He spends most of his time basking in the warmth, resembling a leisurely day in the desert sun, or showing off his unique personality to the visitors in the store. He loves a good chin scratch, a simple joy that he seems to find utterly relaxing.

Senõr has been with us right from the start of our journey at The Urban Pet. He arrived shortly after we opened, initially destined to be among our varied pet offerings, but from the moment we laid eyes on him, we recognized an undeniably special quality that set him apart. He is now part of The Urban Pet permanent family. So, when you next visit The Urban Pet, make sure to take a moment to say hello to Senõr!

Senõr, a yellow geyri uromastyx is the local in house pet at The Urban Pet in Petrolia Ontario

Reserve Your Pet’s Favourites. Pre-Purchase Online Now!

Don’t miss out on ensuring your pet’s favourite meals are always available! We now offer the option to pre-purchase a selection of our most popular pet food products online. This convenient service guarantees that the food your furry friend loves will be reserved and waiting for you, eliminating any worry about stock availability. Explore our items now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared!